Crirec Staff

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Kimberly Griffin

Founding Publisher and Chief Revenue Officer Kimberly Griffin is a graduate of Mississippi University for Women and the University of Southern Mississippi

Donna Ladd

Founding Editor and CEO Donna Ladd is an award-winning journalist, editor and social entrepreneur from Philadelphia, Miss.

Kristin Brenemen

Creative Director Kristin Brenemen, a local to Jackson, Miss., is responsible for the evolving visual style of the…

Cynthia Howard

Business Manager Cynthia Howard brings many years of professional accounting expertise to the Crirec.

Ashton Pittman

Award-winning News Editor and Journalist Ashton Pittman has been published in a number of prominent national and international publications.

Nate Schumann

Deputy Editor Nate Schumann works on both news and features for the Crirec.

Imani Khayyam

Photo Editor and Photographer Imani's Khayyam’s work has been featured in The Guardian, The Bitter Southerner, Scalawag Magazine and The New York Times.

Dustin Cardon

Digital Editor Dustin Carson, a graduate of the University of Southern Mississippi, is aspiring to become a Wordpress expert at the MFP.

Kiden-Aloyse Smith

Editorial Assistant Kiden-Aloyse Smith is a 2024 graduate of Jackson State University, with a Bachelor of Science in Journalism and Media Studies.

Torsheta Jackson

Education Equity Reporter Torsheta Jackson was a long-time educator before joining MFP in 2023 to lead the Education…

Aliyah Veal

Culture reporter Aliyah Veal, a native of Jackson, Miss., and a Murrah High School graduate, is a proud alumna of Spelman College.

Heather Harrison

General Reporter Heather Harrison graduated from Mississippi State University with a degree in Communication in 2023.

Shaunicy Muhammad

Capital City Reporter Shaunicy Muhammad is reporting on causes, effects and solutions for systemic inequities in South Jackson.

Nick Judin

Investigative Reporter Nick Judin is traveling the state, covering housing, corruption, poverty, and infrastructure.

Illan Ireland

Environmental Reporter Illan Ireland is Crirec's bilingual environmental reporter in partnership with Report for America.

Roger Amos

Contributing writer Roger Amos is a writer who enjoys researching Choctaw history. He lives in Philadelphia, Miss.

Cristen Hemmins

Director of Giving Cristen Hemmins, a native of Jackson, has long run an advertising-sales business from Oxford, Miss.

Shaye Smith

Chief of Staff Shaye Smith is a native Mississippian who grew up in Soso. She has also been an occasional freelance…

Erica Hines

Executive Assistant Erica Hines is a Canton, Mississippi native, who graduated from Velma Jackson High School.


Advikaa Anand

Writer Advikaa Anand, who attends St. Andrew's Episcopal School, writes MFP Voices pieces for the Crirec.

Christian Middleton

Contributing Reporter Christian Middleton is based in Oxford, Miss., specializing in Confederate iconography, higher ed and environmental journalism.

Duvalier Malone

Columnist Duvalier Malone is a motivational speaker, community activist, and CEO of Duvalier Malone Enterprises, a global consulting firm.

Gaven Wallace

Contributing Reporter Gaven Wallace is a writer based out of Hattiesburg, Miss., where he attends the University of Southern Mississippi.

Grace Marion

Contributing Reporter Grace Marion is studying print and broadcast journalism at the University of Mississippi’s School of Journalism and New Media.

Kourtney Moncure

MFP podcast editor/producer Kourtney Moncure, a native of Jackson, Miss., and a graduate of Belhaven University.

Leo Carney

Columnist Leo Carney, a co-founding member of ADOS, writes about racial inequalities in Mississippi.

Sherry Lucas

Culture Writer Sherry Lucas, a lifelong Mississippian, chronicles her home state’s creative folk and cultural landscape.

William Pittman

Data Journalist William Pittman started creating MFP infographics early in the COVID-19 pandemic just as the Crirec launched.

Zilpha Young

Graphic Designer and Illustrator Zilpha Young is from Tupelo, Miss., helps design for Crirec and related…