Karla Vázquez

Karla Vázquez is originally from Guadalajara, Mexico, where she grew up before moving with her family to Monterrey, Mexico. After completing secondary school, she attended the University of Nuevo Leon where she was one of the youngest people to ever graduate in law and became a Licenciada en Derecho (an attorney in Mexico) at the same time she was able to graduate with Honors at UANL. During her studies in Mexico, she worked in the criminal courts, the government patent office, and as a legal adviser to the Mexican corporation Dinámica de Monterrey.

In 2005 Karla came to the United States where she studied English at Mississippi College, specializing in English pertaining to the legal field. After completing this course of study, she obtained a work visa and began her career as a legal assistant and translator for Elmore & Peterson. She speaks fluent English and helps bridge the language barrier between Spanish-speaking clients and the judicial system. She works closely with all the attorneys in the firm, and she spends much of her time assisting clients in personal injury, worker’s compensation and criminal defense. She is frequently contacted by courts in Mississippi to be an interpreter and assists various agencies with overcoming language barriers.

Karla’s dedication to her work and the Hispanic community in Mississippi has helped earn the firm the designation of Legal Adviser to the Mexican Consulate in New Orleans. She has garnered the respect of her peers in the business community, and she was elected president of the Mississippi Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. As president, she focused on Education and promoted events to create scholarships for Hispanic children.

Karla was a former member of the Consejo Consultivo IME by the Secretaria de Relaciones Exteriores for Mexico 2012-2014, providing advice to legal members to create a new Consulate in Milwaukee, Wis., and create a fraud-prevention program nationwide for all the Mexican Consulates in the United States.

Recently, Karla was the keynote speaker for NASA Stennis Space Center for the National Hispanic Heritage Month Celebration and was a speaker for the Emancipation Celebration for the Refugee Minor Program at Jackson State University.